This exciting and fun story is about respect and realizing that a mistake has been committed and doing what is right.


I like the book’s concept. Children are introduced to self-regulations. Sometimes we just have to wait

– Dad, Amazon customer

Dirdura Wynn

The Author

Dirdura Wynn is an early childhood educator, writer, published author, and bible class teacher.

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Making Good Choices: Lesson for Kids

Making Good Choices: Lesson for Kids

The ability to recognize when a decision must be made is the first step toward developing decision-making abilities. Children learn by witnessing their parents and friends, hearing talks about values, and having the opportunity to make a decision and live with the...

Respect Starts at Home

Respect Starts at Home

Practicing respect starts in your homes where you are comfortable. Simple things like greeting, giving thanks, appreciating, and courtesy start here. Kids learn respect through their parent’s discipline. But the way of parents when controlling their children must be...

How Respect Build Feelings of Trust and Safety

How Respect Build Feelings of Trust and Safety

Trust and safety are very important key essential, especially for your family, friends, and workmates. If we are in a workplace where there are lots of other people who are also working for the same company, we would want to build trust and ensure safety in your...

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