This exciting and fun story is about respect and realizing that a mistake has been committed and doing what is right.


I like the book’s concept. Children are introduced to self-regulations. Sometimes we just have to wait

– Dad, Amazon customer

Spider’s New Friend

Dirdura Wynn

Spider’s New Friend is a Fable. This fable is used to depict a human dilemma, In this story Spider is going up a waterspout on a sunny day. But all of a sudden the clouds hid the sun and it begin to rain, Spider tumbled to the ground, Big Grouchy Bug saw Spider tumble to the ground and laughed, his friends also heard the commotion and rushed over and encouraged their friend.

Dirdura Wynn

The Author

Dirdura Wynn is an early childhood educator, writer, published author, and bible class teacher.

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Respect Is an Important Value for Children to Learn

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