A very sleepy bear woke up after being asleep throughout the cold winter months.

Once she stepped out of her cave, she did a great big stretch and headed for the stream filled with the most delicious fish. But as she was walking she saw and smelled and ate baskets full of food, she knew that she didn’t fill the baskets nor did she ask for permission.  Afterward, she was visited by some beautiful singing birds that reminded her that fox and rabbit were also hungry and urged her to collect food for them before heading to the stream.

Will bear follow the birds’ advice?

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Then she sniffed the
cool spring air, and smelled the
smell of yummy to my tummy
fish, honey, nuts, berries and so much more.

As she was sniffing and walking, walking and
sniffing she saw a delicious sight: a basket
full of berries, lettuce and carrots.

She knew it was not for her so she skipped
along hopping to get to the stream, full of fish.
“Fish, fish wonderful fish”, bear sang. Then
bear reached the basket before she reach the
stream, so she ate the food in the basket.

Book Trailer

Spider’s New Friend

Dirdura Wynn

Spider’s New Friend is a Fable. This fable is used to depict a human dilemma, In this story Spider is going up a waterspout on a sunny day. But all of a sudden the clouds hid the sun and it begin to rain, Spider tumbled to the ground, Big Grouchy Bug saw Spider tumble to the ground and laughed, his friends also heard the commotion and rushed over and encouraged their friend.

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